Press Release

Cynash Enhances Its Analytics Appliance for Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

Cynash DakotaMcLean, VA, October 28, 2019 — Cynash Inc., a leading developer of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solutions for critical energy, water and transportation, announces a new release of its Cynalytic™ analytics appliance. The device, which acts as an intrusion detection system and behavioral monitoring tool for serial communications-based ICS/SCADA networks, now includes advanced alerting such as logical operators and other new features.

“For over two decades, hackers have demonstrated their ability to target critical infrastructure in energy, chemical processing and other industrial applications—many of which still heavily utilizeserial communication systems,” says Cynash CEO Richard Robinson. “By expanding Cynalytic’s already powerful analytics toolset, we can better address these persistent cybersecurity challenges and bring new visibility to ICS cyber blindspots.”

The enhanced appliance builds on Cynalytic’s suite of data visualization and dashboard tools to help users monitor and make sense of historically unmonitored and unprotected serial communications.

Improvements include:

  • Advanced alerting for serial traffic across environments
    • Logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) for precise multi-tiered conditions
  • Protocol breakdown GUI to display protocol characteristics
  • Protocol hover for easy-to-understand “byte-attribution” of protocol metrics
  • Integration with SIEM tools (such as ELK or AlienVault) with native support for Syslog
  • Integration with JSON and XML structured data, metrics and audit log data
  • Configuration templates to quickly provision SerialTap™ sensors
  • System-level analysis, providing a threat-hunting view for anomalous serial traffic

Cynalytic analyzes serial communications data using Cynash’s patented SerialTap™ sensors. By identifying and detecting intrusions and other operational field device issues, Cynalytic—in combination with SerialTap—helps ICS operators mitigate the risk of cyber-physical damage to industrial control systems.