Cynash delivers nature-inspired cybersecurity technologies to protect critical energy, transportation, wastewater and industrial control infrastructure. Our patented cybersecurity technologies build upon decades of applied research in machine learning, data analytics, high-performance computing and scalable infrastructure protection. We currently offer four interrelated cybersecurity technologies:


Protection for Legacy Infrastructure

SerialTap™ brings a new layer of security to older industrial control systems. As its name suggests, this patented sensor passively intercepts serial communications, monitoring network traffic and enabling alerts on control signal anomalies that could be indicative of a cyberattack, physical attack or system misconfiguration.



Understanding the Threat

Detecting the coming wave of cyberthreats requires a fast, powerful, scalable data analytics platform. Our proprietary analytics platform consists of a distributed computing infrastructure and intelligent software that will help you quickly interpret and act on data collected by our malware detection technologies. Our data analytics platform is capable of analyzing large volumes of industrial process control and network data in real time.


Our Other Technologies


Biomimetic Machine Learning For Cybersecurity

Machine Learning String Tools for Operational and Network Security (Cystrix™) combines high-performance computing and machine learning methods first developed for protein sequencing. This bio-inspired technology can identify evolving, unseen malware patterns—something that conventional signature- and rule-based malware detectors cannot do effectively.

Digital Ants

Swarming Sensors Detect Process Anomalies

Inspired by the social behavior of ants swarming to protect their colonies, Digital Ants™ are software sensors that continuously roam through industrial control networks in search of unexpected process deviations. Individual Digital Ants™, each focused on a different process parameter, work in concert with human supervisors to identify emergent cyberattacks.


Cynash Announces Commercial Availability of New Cynalytic™ Analytics Platform for Industrial Control Systems Security

McLean, VA, July 9, 2019—Cynash Inc., a leading developer of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solutions for critical energy, water and transportation, announces the commercial availability of its Cynalytic™ analytics appliance for serial communications-based ICS/SCADA control networks. The combination of Cynalytic and Cynash’s SerialTap™ sensors brings new visibility and analysis to serial communications—shedding light on […]

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Cynash’s SerialTap™ Cybersecurity Sensor Now Commercially Available

McLean, VA, April 29, 2019—Cynash Inc., a leading developer of cybersecurity solutions for critical energy, water, transportation and industrial control systems, announces the commercial availability of its SerialTap™ patented cybersecurity sensor. Units are now ready to ship. “We’re excited to offer an Enterprise version of SerialTap to security professionals charged with protecting our critical infrastructure,” […]

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Cynash Expands to Northern Ireland With New Office and Subsidiary

McLean, VA, March 22, 2019—Cynash Inc., a leading developer of cybersecurity solutions for critical energy, water, transportation and industrial control systems, has announced the opening of a new office in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the formation of an international subsidiary.

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Trust Automation and Cynash Partner on Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions

November 28, 2018 (San Luis Obispo, CA and McLean, VA)— Trust Automation Inc., a supplier of automation technology for defense and industrial applications, has partnered with Cynash Inc. to develop a next-generation cybersecurity platform that can detect and mitigate cyberattacks on the industrial control systems that run critical energy, water, transportation and industrial infrastructure.

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Cynash Introduces Cybersecurity Solution For Industrial Control Networks

McLean, VA, July 26, 2018—Cynash Inc. announces the immediate availability of its SerialTap™ cybersecurity solution for legacy industrial control networks that rely on serial communications protocols such as RS-485 and RS-232.

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